Two positions in project DURIN available (deadline passed)

New project Durin studies the role of dwarf shrubs in our ecosystems; from species interactions to ecosystems responses and feedbacks across scales.

Dwarf-shrubs (Ericaceae) are a dominant plant functional group across the boreal, arctic, and alpine biomes, where they play important roles for biodiversity, ecology and ecosystem functioning.

DURIN will explore the role of dwarf-shrubs in climate responses and feedbacks across biomes and habitats, integrating plant physiology, ecology, ecosystem, and climate science. Using distributed observational systems, field experiments, and growth chamber studies; we will obtain fundamental knowledge on how climate change directly and indirectly affects this important plant functional group, and it’s ecosystem functions and services. This improved process understanding will be integrated in land surface and earth system models to understand the role and contribution of dwarf-shrubs in the feedbacks from terrestrial vegetation to the climate system.

Sounds interesting? We are hiring PhD and a Postdoc to work with us! 

The PhD Research Fellow will be working within WP3 (Ecosystem functioning). This WP uses field and controlled-environment experiments to study the impact of climate, and open vs. forested habitats in different environments (alpine, arctic coastal), along with the role of variation in plant functional traits and ericoid mycorrhiza association, on ecosystem functioning, focusing on carbon (C stocks and dynamics, growth, and decomposition).

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The Postdoctoral Research Fellow will be working within WP2 (Species interactions), focussing on plant-mycorrhizal interactions. The position includes analysis of diversity and distribution dwarf shrub-fungal associations using DNA metabarcoding techniques, and investigation of ErM contributions to carbon dynamics by assessing decomposition processes using ingrowth bags and mycelial production via ergosterol measurements.

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