Master’s thesis projects We offer MSc projects across the breadth of our research field. Below we outline a number of specific projects that we would be very interested in supervising. However, we are also happy to discuss other ideas you might have.

In order to do your Master's thesis with us, you need to be registered as a student at the course BIO399 - Master's Thesis in Biology. This course is worth 60 ECTS. A Master's thesis comprises approximately a year's work, which includes designing and carrying out your own research project as writing up the results in a thesis. These Master's theses are primarily intended for students studying biology at the University of Bergen, but we welcome exchange students through the Erasmus network.

Doing your master's at Between the Fjords

  • The BTF lab believes in learning by doing, and we therefore take great care to make any MSc project that we offer a real research experience.
  • Our research is overwhelmingly collaborative, and so should your MSc be. The thesis projects we offer are therefore primarily linked to our ongoing research projects. This offers a number of advantages: The projects offer large amounts of background data, your research can be part of a bigger picture, we can support your research with funding, and field work and data management can be done in collaboration.
  • We will support and supervise our MSc students in all aspects of their research; from study design and planning via field and lab work to data management, analyses, writing, and presentation.
  • We have a data management, ownership, and publication rights policy that our students will be covered by.
  • We will ensure that MSc projects are publishable, and will support our MSc students in publishing their work, either as a first author in collaboration with other group members.
  • We encourage and support out students in presenting their work at scientific conferences.
  • We are open for students from other institutions who would like to do their thesis research in our field systems or projects. If you are interested, please contact us.

Suggested thesis topics