Iaeste student experience

My name is Aynhoa, I am studying for my bachelor degree Biology in Spain. Last summer, I went for an Iaestu student internship to Bergen, Norway. I had a great opportunity to work in the FunCaB Project together with two other Iaestu students.

The internship was made up of several parts. Sometimes we had to do fieldwork and sometimes we had to do lab work. In the field we worked inside of the fence at the different sites taking CO2 flux measurements or removing plant functional groups from the experimental plots. The lab work consisted of measuring leaf traits and cleaning and weighing litter bags to assess plant decomposition.

As a matter of fact, I learnt a lot from different areas of Ecology which is a big complement to my biology studies. Furthermore, the people who work in the project were very kind and patient. They took care of us a lot and helped us with whatever doubt or problem we had.

The weather conditions were hard in some places. That´s why it is very recommendable to wear warm clothes and have good rain clothes. But when the weather was nice and sunny we enjoyed the wonderful views from the different sites.

I highly recommend this experience for those students who like to work in the nature and get field experience!

Best Regards ;D